“Waning Gibbous,” I’ve been called worse.

I have been a bit restless this past week and have had difficulty getting to sleep. I’m not sure what is causing my restlessness, but sometimes I just cannot clear my head and get solid rest. Fortunately, this time of year, it is quite cool at night still and mosquito free. With that said, I’veContinue reading ““Waning Gibbous,” I’ve been called worse.”

Isla Pasión

At one time or another I think everyone dreams about a white sand tropical island getaway. Kris and I were fortunate enough to have lived the dream a few years back when we visited the enchanting Isla Pasión out of the port of Cozumel Mexico.

Curious Cotton-Tail

As we all know by now, I love to spend time outside in the yard these days. Hell, even before these Covid-times I could often be found staring at something discriminately out in the back of the house. This tale is only a few days old and not of the avian variety that I haveContinue reading “Curious Cotton-Tail”

“Security to the 34th Floor,” a JW Marriott Story

Having 34 floors to explore as well as a rooftop spa, I was on my way to some fun times and hopefully great pictures. I should mention that I was attending a full-day dental conference so I would only have short periods of time for exploration during breaks and lunch. Without going into too much detail as it relates to the conference, breaks came early and often.

Lake Pflugerville Sunrise

I woke up early this morning with the intention of taking a quick drive down to the lake in town to get some photos of the sunrise over the water. Lake Pflugerville is a man-made lake in town that, if I’m not mistaken, is about three miles in size. The lake also has a pleasantContinue reading “Lake Pflugerville Sunrise”

Backyard Birding: Bewildered, Bemused and Bleeding

Having discovered about six or eight months ago that I am an introvert, I’ve begun to realize how so many of my hobbies align with that fact. This past weekend while sipping coffee on the patio I was amazed at the depth of all the bird-song I was hearing. It was one of those typically Central Texas mornings where the haze hadn’t quite burnt off yet so one couldn’t tell if rain was in the forecast or clear blue skies.

The “Best” of Grand Cayman…

So who wouldn’t want to go to “Big Black Dick’s Rum Cake Factory?” Words cannot adequately express how awesome these Caribbean rum factory/stores are. When you go in all you can smell is sugar and rum. Also as soon as you walk in you are presented with a small tray of rum cake to sample and as many shots of rum as you can handle.