Day-Hiking Season is Upon Us

The weather is starting to turn here in Central Texas, and with that, hiking season is back upon us. Both Kris and I are very excited to get back out onto the trail and I plan on sharing our latest adventures with everyone.

Having spent the last week or so choosing state parks and making reservations, I am happy to report our next three parks are reserved. In the coming weeks we will be visiting Inks Lake, Buescher and Pedernales Falls State Parks for some day-hiking.

I’ve been looking at the trail and park maps and am planning on doing some miles before the weather gets cooler and camping becomes a more palatable option. Speaking of camping, we invested in some new gear over the summer and are itching to get back out there.

In the meantime, we did visit Lake Somerville State Park a couple weeks ago for our first hike of the fall and it was spectacular. Although we didn’t crank off crazy miles, we did have an awesome morning. Below are a few pics of our day-hike.

If I’m not mistaken I think we did about 6-8 miles in the morning, which was a really nice way to get back into rhythm. I also ditched my camera bag and instead used my new orange pack. I have to say it was much more comfortable and who doesn’t love fluorescent orange lol?!?

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2 thoughts on “Day-Hiking Season is Upon Us

  1. Looks like there are a lot of fun parks in Texas! Who would have thought?! Sometimes it’s nice to simply go out for a nice walk in the woods without the crazy steep mountains


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