Coin Rings and Things

They say that idle hands are the devils workshop. Sometimes I get bored and fall into YouTube black holes. A little while back I ended up in a random excursion into the realm of coin rings. By coin rings, I am talking about turning a United States quarter dollar coin into a piece of jewelry; in this case a ring.

I’m one of those people who enjoy trying new things and sometimes when I see something interesting somewhere I decide it would be fun to pickup the tools or materials and “get after it.”

So with idle hands and an wishlist, I got started gathering up materials, tools and other varying supplies…

Turns out the fabrication process is cheap and quite easy. Basically, you just need some quarters, a punch, some nylon hammers, propane torch, a mandrel and some patience. Granted, there are some more sophisticated tools, taps and dies, but this was sort of a bare-minimum experiment for me.

I’ll attach a link to a video for anyone who may be interested in this process here. Anyway, I ordered some supplies and began ruining quarters. After a few attempts, I learned some technique and was able to craft some pretty cool rings. Eventually, I bought some additional gear and have been able to further refine the process and actually begin crafting some for sale.

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