Phoenix Sky Harbor Breakfast

I love to travel, but unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure (other than locally) in some time. On one of last year’s journeys I found myself overnight in Phoenix, AZ after a conference with an early flight out in the AM. Fortunately for me I was in very good company and a fairly quiet airport at 6AM.

Traveling through the Sky-Harbor Airport in Phoenix there weren’t too many dining options that looked appetizing at 6AM… As we passed kiosk after kiosk and the numerous gift shops I began to lose all hope. I’ll have you know I was quite hungry and possibly on the verge of “hangry-ness.” As I arrived in Terminal 4 I was on the verge of scooping up one of those pre-made/day-old wraps from a cooler in a gift-shop and that is when I saw it, the Barrio Cafe. I don’t know if it was the colorful mural on the far wall that drew me in or maybe it was the smell of chorizo and tortillas, but either way we knew we would be in good hands.

I’m not sure what the hours of operation were, but needless to say, they were open and four weary travelers set down to some casual Mexican cuisine. I enjoyed a huge breakfast plate of chorizo and eggs, potato hash, toast and fresh pico de gallo. I have to say that after an overnight in a discount hotel cause of a flight cancellation the prior evening, this really hit the spot.

I was hungry so don’t mind the missing bite!

With “hangry-ness” abated and the check signed for, I retired to the gate and queued up shortly after for the return trip to Austin. I’ve got to say that if you should find yourself at the Sky-Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ you really ought to check out this cafe. The food was good, the staff was attentive and most importantly the flatware, plates and glasses were immaculate…

Sometimes airport dining can be a tricky thing and can leave one’s personal health in peril. I have to say that I have eaten at some places where afterward I wish I would have passed by… I’m talking to you Brooklyn Diner at LaGuardia… Hell, don’t even get me started on that entire airport. Last time I went through that airport I’m pretty sure I left with Covid… perhaps a story for another time.

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