Heine-keg Lamp

As you already know, sometimes I get bored and head out to the garage to do “stuff.” A little while back after finishing a delicious 5L Heinekin Mini-Keg, I decided it would be fun to turn it into a lamp for the hobby/media room.

I began with an empty mini-keg and drilled a whole in the top and rinsed vigorously and set it out to dry over one of those hot Texas weekends. After the keg was dry and didn’t smell of beer (a process that required a few Texas weekends), I brought it out into the garage and got started.

After laying out my “design,” I determined where I wanted the front and the back of the lamp to be and then proceeded to drill a small outlet hole for the cord. A bought a small lamp kit from the Home Depot and strung the bare wire cord up through the hole on the back up into the keg. I further fished the cord through and used a modified Shiner beer bottle cap on the nipple extension and fastened all the parts together then completed the wiring.

In the end I had a working lamp made from a Heineken Mini-Keg and only needed a lamp-shade to complete the project. Got to love idle hands!

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