What is up with all these damn glasses of water?

Okay, just a short rant today about something that has annoyed me for a long time. Whenever we go out to restaurants and order a drink I feel like the server inundates the table with glasses of water. Now regularly this wouldn’t be annoying, however when you are at a tiny table or have a lot of people, all those glasses of water just get in the way. The Earth is like 75% water already, we don’t need it taking up space on our table!

How about we try this, I’ll ask for a glass of water if I want one… and if I order a beer, pour the whole damn thing into a mug… don’t bring me a tiny little mug, pour half the beer into it and place all that stuff on the table. The worst is when they do that and leave a picture of water on the table… this is precious real-estate, especially if there may be appetizers involved.

And another thing, how about removing all the wine and dessert lists before bringing out an entrée. So if you are keeping score, that is:

  • Glass of water
  • Mug of beer
  • Bottle of beer
  • Picture of water
  • Wine menu
  • Dessert Menu
  • Random condiment assortment carrier
  • Appetizer with plates
  • Flatware setting
  • Appetizer
  • Entrée plate
  • Basket of bread or tortillas or whatever

That is per person on average… Now, I don’t cause a scene, I simply ask the waitstaff to remove the wine and dessert menus; I will ask if I want them. I humbly request no water and a large mug for there entire content of my beverage as I will drink it all before it becomes warm and as for the condiment carrier… I’ll set it on the floor or a nearby table, get that crap outta here. Eating at a table shouldn’t require expertise in residential zoning!

Oh and God forbid you order a “complicated, build-your-own entrée” like fajitas or something… and don’t even get me started about those restaurants where the banquette is too short and you are eating at nearly shoulder level… I’m nearly forty and I shouldn’t need a damn booster seat.

Sorry for the rant, not my thing, just had to vent real quickly so I can have a better start to my Monday morning, lol.. Have a great week everyone and I hope any and all restaurant tables are ample enough for your dining needs!

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