Das Jager Haus in Fredericksburg, TX

We spent another long weekend just outside of Fredericksburg in a new (to us) cabin in the hill country. This time we didn’t go terribly far off the beaten path. Lately we seem to be far enough out that we don’t have any service on our phones and even the satellite is spotty. I by no means have a problem with that, but sometimes it is nice to have the ability to contact restaurants, shops and the owners if something should go awry. Anyway, we stayed at the Das Jager Haus and it was absolutely an amazing weekend.

We arrived mid-afternoon on Friday after about a 2.5 hr. Drive out of the Austin burbs. The ride out was typical fare for this part of Texas and especially beautiful once out beyond Dripping Springs. I’d imagine someday buying a few acres from a rancher out here and doing a homestead/cabin type setup for long weekends and maybe to retire to someday.

Anyway, about ten minutes outside of Main St. in Fredericksburg, we rolled up to the gate, punched in our code and drove the van up the windy drive to the cabin. I have to say, the esthetics of this cabin are very whimsical at first impression. The cabin looks almost like something out of a fairy tale. 

One of the things I liked most about this cabin was the accommodations both inside and out. The cabin has a lot of seating space outside from which to enjoy nature, and for a photographer like me, to snap pictures of all the native birds and assorted wildlife. Inside, all the comforts one would appreciate are thoughtfully provided. There were even a set of binoculars hanging in the kitchen for those who may not own a pair. It was all these innumerable little conveniences that added to the enjoyment of the weekend… not to mention the large garden tub!

I’m pretty sure I spent about 95% of my waking time out in the “yard” capturing images of all the birds, deer and llamas. What a wonderful time we had just relaxing in nature. In fact, I spent so much time outside that at night while sleeping I could still hear all the bird-song in my head. Kris would later tell me that it wasn’t in my head and that at night, with the tin roof and proximity to the trees that, “… just because you go to bed it doesn’t mean all the wildlife does…”

Sometimes it is hard to believe all this wonderful natural beauty is so close to home. What will be even better is when it someday becomes home. We have got to get some property out here!

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