Las Vegas: VRBO in Vegas

There is just something about Las Vegas. Like a moth to a flame, I just keep being drawn back. Unfortunately, due to the current travel restrictions in place both Kris and I will not be spending Thanksgiving at the MGM Signature this year. I was going through some of our iPhoto albums and found some pics from our VRBO suite as well as from around the city and wanted to write-up a quick blog post to share them.

As you know, I am a big fan of VRBO and do pretty much all of our cabin and vacation rentals through their website/service. This last Vegas trip was no different. We found a condo in one of the MGM towers (which is considered off-strip) that was quite affordable for a holiday weekend. If I’m not mistaken we were on the 29th floor and had a pretty decent view of the southern portion of the strip from the balcony.

I have to say that the suite was quite nice and incredibly convenient since there was easy access to the MGM and the southern portion of the strip VIA the walkways and the free tram. This was incredibly handy when we left the first night for Thanksgiving dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Restaurant in Caesar’s Palace. Our Uber driver had us over there in record time, in fact we got his number and called him direct to bring us down to the Mandalay Bay for Cirque De Soleil Michael Jackson about two hours later.

We had a great time wandering the city the next day and then took off to the Hoover Dam the last day we were in town. All in all it was an excellent trip and a damn shame we won’t be back this Thanksgiving. I’m not too sure what we will be doing, but we did just pick up some camping gear, so maybe we will be able to visit a state park or something and camp out under the stars.

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