Backyard Birding: House Finch in The Wild

Stumbling into a black hole of “Animal Totem Symbolism and Meanings,” in my search for information regarding the pretty red house finch I spotted in the backyard last week, I learned a couple interesting facts I would like to share here. First, apparently the finch is a symbol of exciting and joyful times on the horizon. With this knowledge, I hope that we all spot some of these red house finches.

Second, the coloring of a house finch is not a naturally occurring pigment. In fact, the pigment depends on their diet. If the bird had a really healthy diet it will exhibit bright red markings, whereas poorer diet would show by the colorings being more of a muted orange-yellow. 

Lastly, I need to learn to get to bed on time and not stay up randomly searching google about finches…

With this insomnia fueled knowledge of the avian variety, I scoured my iPhoto collection on the laptop to examine some of the red house finch images I had captured the past week. After examining the images I had captured, I determined that there are at least two different red house finches visiting my feeder. One particular finch is more reserved and spends most of her time in the sage scoping out the feeder while the other is a bully who chases off all the sparrows, blue jays and doves. 

He is a real bastard; a pretty bastard, but a bastard nonetheless. Anyway, hope that red finch sightings or not that you all are having a joyful summer!

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