The Bombardment of Algiers

As many of you may already know, I completed my first massive puzzle this past winter; the 5000 piece Ravensburger “Sistine Chapel Ceiling” puzzle. Well, the puzzle-bug has bitten me once again and I am preparing to begin another massive puzzle. This time I have “upped my game” and have chosen to jump to 9000 pieces. The previous 5k puzzle, when completed, measured approx. 3×5 ft… this new puzzle will be nearly twice that size!

The Ravensburger “Bombardment of Algiers” measures an impressive 6×5 ft. and upon completion will proudly hang in the media room adjacent to the previous 5k puzzle. 

I plan to begin this puzzle sometime during the summer and hope to reach completion prior to vacation in late November. I’m not sure how long this will take to complete. If I approach this one the same as the last one it may take about 4 months, but who really knows for sure. 

As always, the primary concern is losing a piece via small mammal interaction. I do plan on sorting pieces prior to embarking on assembly into small roasting tins and storing them safely when not in use. This worked well last time, so I have no reason to suspect this will not be effective. 

Additionally, since the puzzle is broken up into two separate bags of 4,500 pieces I will only be working one “side” at a time which will further protect the project as I don’t plan on opening them both up at once. In fact, I think the greatest peril will be storing a completed half while the other half is being assembled.

I will have to figure out the logistics of storage for a 3×5 ft. section at the halfway point. At this time I am thinking I will sandwich it between layers of cardboard, tape the boards together and then slide it under the bed for safekeeping. 

Anyway, I expect to begin this project sometime next month and will likely drop a few updates here randomly.

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