Who Loves Butterflies?

Sometimes the best photo-ops are the ones you never set out to capture. Oftentimes I’ll be sitting on the bench in the backyard and suddenly an unanticipated photo-op occurs. It is these moments that keep me with a camera by my side whenever I am in the yard.

This past weekend while I was shooting images of house finches and house sparrows enjoying the bird sanctuary, I was able to grab a few photos of different butterflies that were fluttering around the small patio garden.

As you have undoubtedly heard, there has been a population and migration decrease of many species of butterfly. Many experts in the fields of climatology and entomology concur that the heavy usage of pesticides and changes in climate have had a severe effect on the population.

Whether you subscribe to climate change or not, one has to admit that the butterfly population is suffering. Like many, I remember being a child and being all but swarmed by butterflies in the spring while playing near gardens and the like. I could have used the work frolic in that last sentence, but little boys don’t frolic… so I didn’t… even though I could have.

Anyway, I was able to capture a few images of various butterflies enjoying the garden and one even landed so close that I was able to capture an image with some great contrast. Oh and a dragonfly landed on the tip of the sundial so I shot him too.

As always, you never know just what you might see in your own backyard. Enjoy!

Published by DW

Freelance writer, photographer and traveler who enjoys sharing his experiences with others.

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