Paradise is a Beach in Honduras

Imagine lounging on the beach under the shade of palms, the sounds of waves gently lapping along the shoreline all the while sipping on an ice cold domestic beer with a little lime wedge bobbing around inside. During this semi-seaside-siesta, you spot local children peddling conch shells and an old man with a small monkey on his shoulder selling photo-ops. As you fade in and out, time seems to stand still… this is the Tabyana Beach I know and love… this is why Roatán is my favorite Caribbean destination (thus far).

Located on the far western end of Roatán Island, Tabyana Beach has a few resorts and an impressive panorama of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the second largest reef system in the world). Like any small private beach, there are seaside massage tables, small tiki bars and all manner of water related activities to choose from. Apparently snorkeling and scuba diving is the biggest draw here as the aforementioned reef is just a short boat ride away. This day however, the water was a bit choppy which kept the small boats docked.

During this particular trip to the island, there was a squall brewing miles off the coast which gave us fairly overcast skies, choppy seas and a heavy scent of rain on the breeze. The incoming storm had slowly chased all the other tourists from the beach and left Kris and I to enjoy the atmosphere in privacy. If I’m not mistaken, we spent about two to three hours lounging in our chairs enjoying cold Barena Beer from the bar. Eventually, the storm was close enough that the locals began to shutdown the shops and rental facilities. At that point both Kris and I decided we ought to catch the last bus back to the port. 

On the bus ride back the driver went through Coxen Hole which is the largest city on the island.   While generally safe, I have to say I don’t think I would want to wander around here alone or at night. Not only is the grid confusing, but some areas looked down-right sketchy and would be easy to get turned around and lost in. We did get off the bus without incident and grabbed a couple of iced coffee floats (which were absolutely divine). 

Anyway, should you ever wind up in Honduras on the island of Roatán, check out Tabyana Beach; you will certainly be glad that you did. Oh, and bring some cash for the peddlers and monkey man.

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