DTW… A Royal Layover

What, you’re writing about a layover in Detroit? Yes I am, and for a very good reason. I simply love the “Wayne County Airport,” known as DTW. Oftentimes on trips back home to New Hampshire I cheap out and avoid direct flights and instead stop off either in Atlanta or Detroit. Now, if I have a choice, I will pick Detroit every time due to several reasons.

First, DTW shares my initials so I consider it to be “my” airport. Yeah, lame I know.

Second, it is all about Motown. If you have been to the airport and travelled between concourses you have undoubtedly gone down the escalators into the LED tunnels that crank the Motown jams. I’ve always enjoyed the light-show timed to Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and The Supremes. 

Third, one of my favorite airport “diners” is located along Concourse A; Cat Cora’s Tap-Room. I swear they have the best Bangers and Mash ever plated and their servers have the innate ability to forecast the completion of a 16oz Guinness and provide a glacial replacement prior to the vessel ever touching the tabletop.

If all that weren’t enough, you can easily get your daily steps in by walking the lengths of each concourse where you will be greeted by some pretty cool bars and cocktail lounges. I believe it was Concourse C that had the restaurant with, by far, the best name, “Earl of Sandwich.” Seriously, what a name… I wonder if there exists somewhere a “Duke of Danish,” or maybe a “Marquess of Mahi Mahi” or better yet a “Viscount of Vindaloo.” I would, without hesitation, dine at any one of those restaurants.

Anyway, I love DTW and will plan my next trip back home to New Hampshire accordingly. I may even dine with royalty next time out.

Published by DW

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