Isla Pasión

At one time or another I think everyone dreams about a white sand tropical island getaway. Kris and I were fortunate enough to have lived the dream a few years back when we visited the enchanting Isla Pasión out of the port of Cozumel Mexico. A quick disclaimer, we were on a five day cruise out of Galveston and this trip was a full day shore excursion where we would take a crazy high powered boat across to the island. The boat was called the “Twister” and it was a sporty vessel that would achieve great speed and suddenly turn in a 360 degree motion kicking up a ton of water and drenching the occupants. Needless to say it was exhilarating and upon enduring thirty minutes of this all passengers (about 20) were ready for the peaceful white sand beaches to come.

Upon disembarking the vessel onto the shore, it is a short jaunt through the palms to the recreation area where you find nearly a half mile of white sand beach, lounge chairs, hammocks and (for the more adventurous) water toys and inflatables. I feel like maybe I’m forgetting something… oh yeah, RUM PUNCH! If I’m not mistaken the rum punch was a dollar for a large plastic solo cup full and oh my goodness was it potent. To go along with the initial disclaimer, this shore excursion is one we have gone to multiple times as we just have so much fun during our time on the island and since we go on a ton of cruises and all of the ones out of Galveston stop in Cozumel this one is always on the top of our list (I mean how many sets of Mayan Ruins can anyone visit in one lifetime).

Okay, disclaimers aside, once on the beach and with rum punch in hand it is time to retire to our beach lounger. As long as the wind isn’t howling the back is the place to be. Oftentimes we will snag one of the island waiters who stroll along the beach (give him a nice tip) and ask for him to visit us every twenty to thirty minutes with fresh cups of punch. We snagged a really cool guy our last trip who kept the beverages flowing all afternoon. Oftentimes, after we have worked up a good punch buzz, both Kris and I will wander up and down the shoreline collecting shells and little hunks of coral. We like to collect little natural treasures on all the beaches we visit (by far the coolest find was at the White House in Grand Cayman in Bodden Town where we found a ton of interestingly shaped coral).

Eventually, after about half a day of drinking and wandering the beach our appetites kick in and it is time to visit the cantina. Fortunately on these excursions a buffet style Caribbean lunch is included and whoa is it good! I typically opt for the Ahi Ahi tacos or the Jamaican jerk chicken and Kris munches on either the chicken nachos with rice and beans or a fresh chicken jerk chicken sandwich. I had some reservations about the food the first visit to the island, but I’ve since spied around the margins and have found their food handling and culinary actions to be more than acceptable. I’m kind of weird with food handling and I set the bar pretty high as to where and what I will eat. I have no concerns on this island and would strongly recommend this cantina and all its offerings.

Several visits in the past we arrived in the offseason and there were only about 40-50 people on the island. As you can imagine that provides a much more casual and comfortable environment. I’ve only been on the island once where there were a few hundred people and the atmosphere at that point is a little more “interesting.” I’m sure depending on the type of people who show up from the ships it would vary greatly. I believe the main attraction that crowded visit was the water trampoline and volleyball court. If I’m not mistaken there was a small tournament that had been ongoing that week and we were nearing the “finals.”

Anyway, Kris and I highly recommend Passion Island to anyone on a cruise that disembarks in Cozumel Mexico or anyone who finds an opportunity to visit. 

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